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  • PARENT/CHILD TUMBLING  Tuesday and Friday 10:15-11:00 am Ages: Walking to 3 years old  A program designed to teach toddlers motor skills through tumbling and interactive play.  Cost: Members: $30/mth    Member Drop In: $4     Community:  $45/mth     Community Drop In: $6


  1. BEGINNER BRONZE—Tuesday and Thursday 5:00-5:45 pm
    A great starting place for a child who has never taken gymnastics before focusing on balancing, floor work and basic gymnastic fundamentals. Prerequisite Skills: Ability to take/wait for turns  Ages 3+ years.
  2. BRONZE – Tuesday and Thursday 5:00-5:45 pm
    Introduction to basic gymnastics skills including the beam and vault. A good continuation from Beginner Bronze or perfect for children with refined motor skills. Prerequisite Skills: forward roll, ability to follow directions. Ages 5+ years.
  3. SILVER – Tuesday and Thursday 5:50-6:35 pm
    Perfects basic skills and introduces drills for skills with higher difficulty. Prerequisite Skills: Cartwheel, forward/backwards roll, straight jump, pullover with assistance, cast, squat on, and straddle on.
  4. GOLD –  Tuesday and Thursday 6:40-7:25 pm Introduces advanced skills while incorporating strength and conditioning drills.  Prerequisite Skills:  Back/front walkover, cartwheel (low), handstand (low), half turn, pullover, back hip circle w/ assistance, handstand to flat back, and squat through.
  5. PLATINUM—Tuesday and Thursday 7:30-8:25 Refines advanced skills  and focuses on independent completion of required skills. Prerequisite Skills:  Back and front hand sprints, acro pass, front handspring dismount from beam, clearhip on bars, clean handspring on vault.
    • COSTS: Members: $35/session     Community: $55/session

Participants must  preform required skills independently 3 times before  advancing onto next level

More information: Gymnastics 2018 flyer

Soccer & T-Ball

April 7– May 19,  2018

  • Co-Ed  Outdoor Soccer   Ages 3-5
  • Co-Ed  Outdoor T-Ball         Ages 4-7                                                                                                                            
  • Early Bird Registration By April 6
    Members: $30                      Community: $45
  • Standard Registration After April 6
    Members: $45                      Community: $60
  • Register Online
  • 2018 Program Flyer 


Volleyball 2018

  • Grades 3rd-5th & 6th-8th
  • Session 1: January 28th-February 25th, Sundays 12:30-2:00
  • Session 2: March 4th-April 8th (no vball on April 1) Sundays 12:30-2:00
  • Registration Open Now!!    Members: $35        Community: $55
  • Program Flyer



The Y is the starting point for many youth to learn about becoming and staying active and developing healthy habits they’ll carry with them throughout their lives. The benefits are far greater than just physical health. From building stronger skills to gaining self-confidence, youth sports at the Y are about more than just the game, they are about building the whole child, from the inside out.
Please contact Chelsey with any questions
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Youth Sports August 15, 2014

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